• 70 Years Of Caring & Innovation

    For 70 years, the “Butters” name has pioneered social innovation and caring in social services and rehabilitation for people with intellectual disabilities and autism in Quebec. In 1946, before the government provided social services for people with disabilities, Mrs. Lily Butters founded a home for intellectually disabled children. Today, Mrs. Butters would be recognized as a social entrepreneur.

    70 Years Of Caring & Innovation
  • The Caring To Curing Campaign

    The financial & social costs of severe behavioural problems

    A diagnosis of autism or intellectual disability with severe behavioural problems can be a sentence to isolation, loneliness, frustration and family dysfunction. These people are, by far, the most underserved, often misdiagnosed and mistreated. Even when correctly diagnosed, their needs are long-term and expensive to support and treat.

    The Caring To Curing Campaign
  • Project 1 – Camp Garagona

    Respite for families of disabled people With severe behavioural problems

    Objective: $2,750,000

    More respite builds stronger families. Parents facing the daily challenge of raising and caring for disabled or autistic children with severe behavioural problems need regular respite. They also need a place where their troubled child can be safe, have fun and be exposed to new activities and challenges.

    Project 1 – Camp Garagona
  • Project 2 – Camp Garagona (2)

    The original 2nd project of the campaign has been jettisoned for a 2nd construction project on the Garagona campsite in Frelighsburg. This is referred to as the Activity Complex. It is a series of proposed facilities adjacent to the new Pavilion to be highlighted by an Arts facility next to a water spray fun area and a renovated swimming pool.

    Project 2 – Camp Garagona (2)
  • Project 3 – Research Project To Cure Autism

    Early intervention For pre-school autistic children With severe behavioural problems

    OBJECTIVE: $250,000

    The impact of having an autistic child is catastrophic on the financial and emotional well being of the family. Debts mount up. Siblings are often neglected and feel rejected. Parents find marriage daunting and sometimes give up.

    Project 3 – Research Project To Cure Autism
  • A Model For The Future

    The Butters Foundation has survived economic and social change to continue helping people with intellectual disabilities and their families to live fulfilling and happy lives. Our results are self-evident. Many disabled people are not just surviving; they are thriving- living in our communities and going to school with our kids.

    A Model For The Future