Awards & Scholarships Reception 2017

    McGill’s Faculty of Education: Awards & Scholarships Reception 2017 Each year the Faculty of Education honours our award-winning students with a celebration on campus. The event features speeches and presentations, and offers many of our awardees a chance to meet award sponsors for the first time. In 2017 this … [Read more...]

2017 Doris Mildred Parsons Bursary at CRC-Lennoxville

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2016 Activity Report

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2015 Activity Report

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Press Conference in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu – March 9, 2016

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Helping Parents Project

Parents need the tools to raise their intellectually disabled child. Due to the special needs of their disabled child, child rearing becomes a more formidable and difficult process. In addition, the reality of the modern family has changed drastically over the years. Thirty years ago, the typical family had a father at work, a mother at home … [Read more...]

Parent Projects

This project is a regional initiative to support the siblings of disabled children living at home. A regional parent association, based in Longueuil, is operating the project through a $70,000 + donation from the foundation over 3 years. Sibling project - a summary (document in French)     … [Read more...]

Activity Report Fall 2014

  Please consult this activity report for news on the current major campaign and other foundation news in 2014. Download the full report below.   2014 Activity Report … [Read more...]

Press Conference at Camp Garagona

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Activity Report Fall 2013

Please consult this activity report for news on the current major cmapaign and other foundation news in 2013. Download the full report below. Activity Report Fall 2013 … [Read more...]