Testimonials from Parents of Children in the Farm Respite Service

“It’s been 20 years since we have had time alone. It is as if we have rediscovered ourselves. This is all new for us!”
“The weekend makes such a difference. It carries me through the week.”
“You seem organized on your web site, and I can vouch for the fact that it is true. Our son is rigid and clings to a routine. He loves to go to your farm and he doesn`t get perturbed. Congratulations on a great job!”
“Wow! This is exactly what our son needed. He seems valued by the work he does with you, and it is so great that, would you accept us for a weekend as well?”

Testimonial from a Parent

“When we started our home-based stimulation program for our 3 year old autistic daughter, we just wanted to have a relationship with her.
Because of the help received from the Butters Foundation, the program had a great impact. Elizabeth now loves having conversations with others and playing with her little sister. She now engages in family life! And this is just the beginning…”
Chantal Godére, mother

Testimonial From A Director

“I have been reading more and more about the therapeutic benefits of caring for animals on intellectually disabled people. Farm experiences provide great work opportunities for these (disabled) people. It is a pity we don’t see more places carrying out this work.”
– the late Pam Dunn

See Farm Respite Service for more information on this issue.


Testimonial From a Benefactor


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“Hello Ron.  Here is some news from the Typhons ( a disabled swimming team from Cowansville). 2012 was an excellent year. 3 swimmers were selected to represent the Richelieu-Yamaska region at the Provincial Special Olympics games and did very well, winning a total of 9 medals. All of this was because of the contribution of the Butters Foundation and others. Once again, thank you very much. All athletes have bettered their times and love the team and the training.”   -Jean-François Doré, Project Leader

Testimonials from Student Scholarship Winners

“I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for the contribution that has been awarded to me through the Dr. John A. Bryant Memorial Award. As someone who strongly believes in finding new inclusive ways to allow for full and active participation of individuals with disabilities, I feel grateful to be recognized as a game changer.”  – Danielle Taylor, McGill University Graduate Student

“I am truly honored with the privilege of receiving the Dr. John A. Bryamt Memorial Award for the 2013-2014 academic year. It is a great feeling to be acknowledged for doing something that I love and wish to pursue throughout life.”  – Audrey Kabis Plante, McGill University Graduate Student


”Thank you so much for the Lily Butters award. I am extremely grateful that I was one of the recipients; it proves to me that all my hard work over the past several years has not gone unnoticed. I’ve really tried to maintain an exemplary work ethic, and I hope that it shows in my academic achievements.” – Angel Hebert, Massey-Vanier graduate, Spring 2017


Testimonial From a Friend

”Hello Ron. Thanks for your e-mail. I consulted with much interest your website. You guys are doing a great job in your area.I was also very interested to see the involvement of Mrs. Pam Dunn with the Butters Foundation. Pam was a long time supporter of Sun Youth.   – Gaétan Lévesque, Director of Finance, Sun Youth