2018 Doris M. Parsons Bursary at Champlain Regional College

2018 Doris Mildred Parsons Award

On Tuesday, April 17, Gabrielle Drapeau, a second year Special Care Counselling student at Champlain College in Lennoxville, was awarded the Doris Mildred Parsons Bursary. The Butters Foundation gives the bursary annually to a second year student, of the three-year technical program, who exhibits dedication, determination, professionalism, leadership, warmth, and a positive attitude – both in her fieldwork setting and in class. Gabrielle has exemplified these qualities, achieving academic success in her theory based courses, and demonstrating enthusiasm and professionalism in her fieldwork stage placements. Gabrielle chose the SCC program because she wants to work with children with attachment disorders. Recently she worked with a foster family who have adopted several children with attachment issues, providing great support by assisting them as she applied in practice what she has learned in her course work. Additionally, Gabrielle has demonstrated leadership in the program by actively engaging in a number of volunteer opportunities, including promoting SCC at Open House events put on by the College. Another student who excels in the program, Emily McBurney, was given an Honourable Mention. Emily surpasses the expectations of her teachers and supervisors, approaching her course and fieldwork with energy and optimism. The bursary is provided by the Butters Foundation due to a generous endowment left by the estate of Doris M. Parsons. Ms. Parsons, of Moe’s River, spent her career teaching secondary school in the Townships, was involved in a number of charitable organizations, and felt strongly about supporting student excellence and achievement in the helping profession field of study.
From left to right: Catherine Filteau, Academic Dean; Emily McBurney, Honourable Mention; Gabrielle Drapeau, Winner with a bursary of $2,000; Ron Creary, Director General of the Butters Foundation; Evelyn Schouela and David Sangster, Program Coordinators