Camp Garagona – A New Partner

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Strong at Camp


Face paintingThis camp for intellectually disabled and autistic people in Frelighsburg, near the American border, was started in 1970, and has been in operation for over 40 years. It is a bilingual camp that serves over 350 campers each summer and offers respite services during peak holiday periods and on weekends, during the offseason. It offers a variety of recreational and artistic activities to campers who, in many cases, have been going to the camp for over 20 years.


The Butters Foundation has always been a strong supporter of the camp which serves many families and caregivers in the area and within the territory of the CRDITED de la Montérégie-Est. Recently, the Butters Foundation agreed to raise 2.5 million dollars for important adaptations to the camp infrastructure that will allow the camp to serve campers that are moving along in age and are experiencing physical frailties, as well as campers with serious behavioral problems that have kept them out of such camps in the past.


This new partnership has a third member, Butter Homes Inc, a sister organization to the Foundation, that has agreed to assume ownership of the property in order to use its expertise and assets to maintain the property in a fashion that will allow the camp to function well into the future, with its new mandate to serve older campers and people with serious behavioral issues.

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