Current Interests


1.         Financial Support for Services for Parents and Families of Intellectually Disabled Persons Not Provided Through Government programs
The Foundation supports the provision of services to parents and siblings of disabled clients that are not covered by Government programs. The Foundation views supporting parents a keystone to furthering the integration of intellectually disabled people into the community. Services targeted to families include respite care services that include fun and stimulating experiences for the handicapped children of parents, much-needed rest periods for parents, and an opportunity for parents to focus on their non-handicapped children. The Foundation also sponsors the purchase of specialized equipment for disabled children and young adults living at home in order to promote social integration and physical mobility in the community. The Foundation is always looking for innovative ways to support parents in their quest to raise an intellectually disabled child and to keep the family unit alive and well. In our view, this is the best way to promote social development and community integration of intellectually disabled people.
2.         Scholarships & Bursaries to Promote Careers in Helping or Rehabilitative Professions
The Foundation provides bursaries for graduating secondary school students at the Massey-Vanier Secondary School in Cowansville (English and French sectors), for students pursuing their studies at the CEGEP level at Le CEGEP de Granby Haute-Yamaska, and for graduate students in Special Education at McGill University. The Foundation is committed to supporting young people who pursue careers in the field of rehabilitation and other helping professions.