Frequently Asked Questions


‘’Are your donated dollars invested wisely?”

The Butters Foundation has a very lean administration, with no employees and admin expenses limited to less than 3.8% of liquid assets. This has been the case since 1976. Over 10 million dollars has been invested, since the beginning, in projects as diverse as housing, specialized equipment, respite for needy families, support for local parent groups, quality R & D projects targeting disabled people with special needs that have been largely neglected by the system, and bursaries for students in areas leading to health care professions in many cases. Our campaigns are always implemented by committed volunteers with experience in solicitation, and led by our experienced President. Your dollars go where they are needed

”Has the reorganization of the Quebec Health System (Bill 10) changed the relationship with the public partner?”

In principle, no. However, the transformation of the system in the Monteregie region has provoked a gigantic process of “musical chairs” within the new expanded organization that has required the development of relationships with new people. These new associates will need time to understand the nature of the longstanding relationship, stretching back to 1976. In the meantime, patience seems to be the order of the day.

What territory do you cover?”
The Butters Foundation has grown with its public agency partner over the years. In the beginning, the Foundation covered the territory of the Butters Centre, which was in the MRC of Brome-Missisquoi in the Eastern Townships, along the American border. As the public system evolved (i.e., grew), so did the territory of the public establishment. Presently, the Foundation supports services and families in the eastern part of the Monteregie region of Quebec, (see the Partnerships menu to discover the exact territory).

“What disabilities do you support?”
The Butters Foundation limits its involvement to projects which target persons with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder.

“Can an interested student from anywhere in Quebec apply directly for a scholarship?”No. Our scholarship programs are all in conjunction with specific schools which have their own selection committees to determine the successful candidates.

How can a parent of an intellectually disabled or autistic person secure a sound future for his child once he has passed on?”
The Butters Foundation has experienced tax experts that can help a parent choice an appropriate tool(s) in the area of planned giving that can support the child when the parent is no longer around, (see the Planned Giving menu).

Does the Butters Foundation provide direct services to disabled people and their families?”
No. The Butters Foundation provides financial support for innovative projects that can lead to new best practices in the public rehabilitation system of Quebec and reserves specific funds, each year, to support families within our territory  in their challenge to raise a disabled or autistic child.”

“How can I help?”
The Butters Foundation does not initiate public fund-raising events and activities throughout the year owing to the large and diverse territory we cover. We solicit most of our money through specific campaigns and annual asks targetting specific projects. In this regard, we are always looking for help in soliciting friends, neighbors, companies and corporations. We have learned over the years that successful “asks” usually start with someone “opening a door”. Interested individuals can help in this vital process in their own communities and in their own business circles.  Please call our Executive Director, Ron Creary, at 819 847-4794, or at ron [dot] creary [at] sympatico [dot] ca, to see how you can help. In the meantime, a donation, no matter how small, can always help.