Government Funding And Support

BarakettCamp Garagona and Maison Lily Butters II real estate will be owned by Butters Homes Inc.

The building maintenance and operating costs for Maison Lily Butters II will be absorbed by the CRDITED de la Montérégie-Est. Camp Garagona’s maintenance and operating costs will continue to be covered by the Association Garagona, which runs the Camp, through regular fee revenue and community donations.

The Quebec Government is a primary partner in the funding of the projects and is providing a total of $2.45 million as follows:

  • Camp Garagona is a $3.5 million construction project. The Quebec Government is providing a grant of $750,000.
  • Maison Lily Butters II is a $2 million project. The Quebec Government, through its local agency, the CRDITED de la Montérégie-Est, will assume a $1.5 million mortgage.
Butters Foundation Management

The Butters Foundation has always kept administrative costs low. The Foundation is led by a dedicated group of volunteers and chaired by Dr. William Barakett of Knowlton, who has been awarded the Order of Canada for his long-standing efforts in community development. Ongoing administration costs 3% of annual revenues.

As in past campaigns, fundraising related costs related to the From Caring to Curing Campaign will not surpass 5% of Campaign donations. Our pledge is to invest donations into the creation of new best practices in the public rehabilitation system and to come to the aid of families in dire need.