Dr. Bill Barakett, C.M. Leaves the Butters Foundation Due to Serious Illness



Dr. Bill Barakett graduated from McGill University and set up his Knowlton medical practice in 1972. He quickly became involved in community activities, most noticeably with the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital Foundation. He rose to the Presidency of the Foundation due to his stellar solicitation efforts while at the same time becoming the Chief medical officer of the Hospital. Along the way, he accepted many disabled residents as patients who had recently been discharged from the Butters Hospital for the intellectually disabled in Austin. His interest in disabled people & their challenges prompted him to join the Butters Foundation of Cowansville in 2000. Since then, he has led 3 multi-million-dollar campaigns as president of the foundation. His extensive community involvement has earned him the Order of Canada and other community awards. His medical practice has led him to explore addictions and pain relief. He has delivered countless lectures to student and professional groups and has become an expert in this field, lobbying for important changes in medical practice. He recently was forced to retire due to a severe medical problem, leaving his 2300 patients in search of a new family doctor and the Butters Foundation without the benefit of his leadership. Au revoir


The Butters Foundation Welcomes a New Director

The Butters Foundation is proud to announce that Ms. Alyson Wood has been named to its Board of Directors at its meeting of May 16th, 2019. Ms. Wood has had extensive experience in charitable solicitation and will bring such to the next capital campaign of the foundation, slated to begin later in the fiscal year. She is currently the CEO […]

The Doris Mildred Parsons Bursary Winner of 2019 at le CEGEP de Granby

  On the evening of the 6th of May, 2019 the CEGEP de Granby put on a marvelous awards event to showcase the student recipients of bursaries from the 2018-19 academic year. Organized by the administration of the college, this event sporting a ‘’Black & White” theme, featured refreshments beforehand and a talented troop of students who animated the evening […]

Camp Garagona Newsletter – Spring 2019

2019 Doris Mildred Parsons Bursary at Champlain College-Lennoxville

    From left to right: Caroline Hadlock, Nominee; David Sangster, Program Coordinator; Julia Rochford, Winner; Ron Creary, Director General of the Butters Foundation; Angel-May Rowsell, Honourable Mention; and Amy Patrick, Nominee.   On Tuesday, April 16, Julia Rochford, a second year Special Care Counselling student at Champlain College in Lennoxville, was awarded the Doris Mildred Parsons Bursary […]

Creating Winning Conditions for the Child, School & Family

  1% of school-aged children in Canada are diagnosed with autism . Early Intervention before the age of 6 has been proven to minimize the lifelong impacts of autism (ASD) and intellectual disability (ID) on a person, as it tackles the challenges at a formative stage of life. Quebec’s public and private sectors have mobilized to provide better access to […]

The UQAM Foundation Honors the Butters Foundation for its Contribution to the UQAM Chair in Intellectual Disability


2018 Doris M. Parsons Bursary at Champlain Regional College

2018 Doris Mildred Parsons Award On Tuesday, April 17, Gabrielle Drapeau, a second year Special Care Counselling student at Champlain College in Lennoxville, was awarded the Doris Mildred Parsons Bursary. The Butters Foundation gives the bursary annually to a second year student, of the three-year technical program, who exhibits dedication, determination, professionalism, leadership, warmth, and a positive […]

The Jean-Maurice Latendresse Foundation

  The Jean-Maurice Latendresse Foundation was founded in 2015 to continue the work of Jean-Maurice Latendresse in the area of intellectual disability in the eastern sector of La Montérégie. He was the founding President of Les Services OPUS, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting intellectually disabled adults find and benefit from real work experiences.  Mr. Latendresse and his […]

New Respite Program for Children at Camp Garagona

In 2017, the Butters Foundation pledged $40,000 to a new respite program at Camp Garagona in Frelighsburg that is open, within certain limits, to pre-adult children that have not had success with other camps and respite facilities due to behavioral problems. The Foundation was interested in supporting respite for families that had had no or very little respite up to […]