Directors of the Butters Foundation

The current members of the Board of Directors are:

Mr. Pierre Latendresse,  President/Chair 
Ms. Elise Barakett, Vice-President
Mr. Bill G. Duke, Treasurer
Mr. Ron Creary, Secretary,(DG), ex officio
Mrs. Beverly Bryant
Mr. Peter Dunn
Ms. Lola Landes
Mr. Stephen T. Molson
Mrs. Sheila Martin
Dr. Diane Morin, C.M.*
Ms. Diane St-Jacques
Ms. Alyson Wood

Mrs. Butters receiving the Order from the Governor General.The Butters Foundation was founded as a private foundation in 1976 to honor the work of Mrs. Lily Butters and to promote her legacy in the field of intellectual disability in Quebec and in Canada. It was founded by friends and family of this pioneer in the field who was awarded the Order of Canada in 1972.

The Foundation has a membership of individuals who give of their free time to the cause when asked. Each year, the membership elects a Board of Directors of up to 15 members. One must be a member before being a director. The membership also elects a Chair and a president for a one-year term. The newly elected/appointed directors then elect their officers for the coming year. There is no time-limit attached to the position of a Director of the Butters Foundation.
The current list of members, excluding the Directors of the foundation, are as follows:
Kristi-Ann Bouchard**
Merrill Boucher
Johanne Coiteux
Tim Crocker
Pascale Desrosiers
David Kilburn
Pierre Marziali
Ann Montgomery
Elizabeth Nixon
Sheila Quinn
Geoff Webber
Louise Yelle
* Please note:  C.M. is an acronym for Order of Canada/Member.   O.C. is Order of Canada/Officer.
** Great grand-daughter of Mrs. Lily Butters
The Butters Foundation has a federal charter and a charitable tax number, namely 13191 0457 RR0001.
Traditionally, The Butters Foundation has provided financial assistance to projects that target the clients & families registered with the local public establishment, until recently called the CRDITED de la Montérégie-Est, and now part of the reconstituted Centre intégre de santé et services sociaux de la Montérégie-ouest (CISSSMO). As the public establishment grew from one reorganization to the next, so did the reach and stretch of the Butters Foundation.
It is also committed to helping parents meet the challenges of raising a disabled or autistic child in today’s hectic social environment. Therefore, respite is a primary target of the foundation’s philanthropic activity.