Merger of Partners

A more efficient relationship


The death of our longstanding President, Dr. William Barakett, and the relentless and seemingly never-ending pace of the current pandemic have forced the directors of the foundation to reelevate their future as a stand-alone charity. We do, after all, have a partner of many years.


In 1976 the Butters Foundation was created to help the Butters Centre deinstitutionalize their vast clientele on the Austin campus along Lake Memphremagog. In 1986, the foundation created Butters Homes to divide the work of the foundation due to the explosion of properties in their network. In recent years, the number of properties has dropped appreciably, from a 1980s high of 35 to a present low of 16. Currently, the foundation raises money and Butters Homes spends it, (i.e., buys or builds). With the ever-decreasing number of properties, it is becoming difficult to justify the existence of 2 charities working side-by-side, with 2 boards, 2 systems of management, 2 financial statements, and 2 reporting systems to government agencies. A merger would reduce admin expenses and release more money for worthwhile projects.


Thus, the decision was unanimously made in December 2021 to integrate itself into its partner organization, Butters Homes. This will allow a new organization to raise money for internal & external projects and continue to receive government grants (CMHC/SHQ) for low-income housing.


In this regard, 2023 should harbor the last chance to complete the project.