Planned Giving

“Leave a Legacy Gift and Change a Life”
Giving the Gift of a Lifetime to the Butters Foundation

 A child born with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder needs care for life. Unlike a normal child, the disabled child doesn’t grow up to become an independent adult. He never ceases to need devoted and comprehensive care from his parents and, most probably, from service providers.

As his parents age, they begin to face health problems and their ability to care for their disabled child wanes. Help is needed to ensure the health, safety, and happiness of their child through adulthood and into old age.

Since 1976, the Butters Foundation has been doing just that. As a leading innovator of services and programs for intellectually disabled and autistic people and their families in the Montérégie region of Quebec, the Butters Foundation has helped many intellectually disabled and autistic people lead full and active lives.

You can help

You may have been touched by the work of the Butters Foundation in the past, or you may know somebody with an intellectual disability in your family or in your community. By remembering the Butters Foundation in your estate planning, you can leave the gift of a legacy to the Foundation and change, not one, but many lives through your vision and generosity. Your gift will help future generations of intellectually disabled live more fulfilling, enriched and happy lives; it will help the parents of intellectually disabled people attain peace of mind in the knowledge that their sons or daughters will be cared for when they no longer can.

To leave a legacy gift

There are a number of ways you can leave a donation in your will to the Butters Foundation. Such a gift establishes your legacy now and ensures that disabled people will benefit from your generosity well into the future. The gift will also provide important tax savings to the estate, positively impacting the inheritors of the estate……a win-win situation.

Here are some ways to give:
  • You may consider leaving your estate or a portion of your estate to the Butters Foundation as a permanent and lasting legacy. Your bequest is best served by supporting the general activities of the Foundation, but it can also be attached to a program of your choice.
  • You can contribute your residence or vacation home to the Butters Foundation and continue to occupy and use the donated property for the rest of your life.
  • You can name the Butters Foundation as the beneficiary of part or all of a life insurance policy.
  • You can set up a charitable annuity. This could provide regular income until such time as the gift is formalized.

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To find out more about what can be done, please contact our Executive Director, Mr. Ron Creary. Access to experienced professional financial advice is available, if needed.