Research on Evaluation & Intervention of Behavioral Issues w/ Pre-School age Children with an Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder

In 2013, the UQAM Research Group launched a research and development project with the public rehab network targeting children aged 2 to 7 with behavioral issues. The Butters Foundation as well as the Ministry of Health of Quebec provided $650,000 for the implementation of this important project. The objective was to determine, over a certain number of years, which evaluation tools and which intervention strategies would most successfully reduce or eliminate behavioral issues in children before they reached primary school. Elimination of behavioral issues at an early age has a profound impact on the health of the family and on the quality of life and educational success of the child. As one experienced clinician said to foundation donors and volunteers at the beginning of our current campaign, ‘’ Behavioral episodes in a 2-year old are cute, similar episodes in a 200 pound 17 year old are anything but….”. Project results should be in place by the end of 2018 with dissemination procedures to interested parties to follow.


For an abstract of the description of the project, please consult the French side of this web site.