The “From Caring to Curing” Campaign Committee

The President of the Board of Directors of the Butters Foundation, Dr. William Barakett the business owner, is pleased to announce the members of his “From Caring to Curing” campaign committee who will be soliciting foundations, corporations, philanthropists, local businesses & community members to raise 3.5 million dollars for 3 important projects for the cause.

Campaign Chairperson

Dr. William Barakett

Campaign Committee

Elaine Beaudoin
Erin O’Brien
Mario Charpentier
Léon Courville
Peter Dunn
Johanne Gauthier
Guy Gilbert
Mark Pathy
Barry Lorenzetti
Andrew Molson
Alex Paterson

Friends of the Committee

Glen Harvey
Réjean Houle
Dickie Moore

Honorary Members

Scott Pritchard

Campaign Committee – Local

Johanne Coiteux
Gaetan Gelinas
Jacques Yelle