The NEXUS Project

The NEXUS Project: Evaluation of a Programme Targeting Clients under the age of 21 with Anti-social Behaviors

Under the direction of Dr. Diane Morin of UQAM, this R & D project is based upon a model developed by the University of Oregon for clients with normal IQs. Our public rehab partner has introduced this model into their service system, on an experimental basis, after the appropriate adaptations for clients with an intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder. These adjustments to the model, with the consent and collaboration of the University of Oregon, and the required translation of documents, were completed with the financial help of the Butters Foundation. A grant of $50,000 was sufficient to prepare the project for the important evaluation process.

The targeted clients in this study are oftentimes neglected by the public health system, or lodged between different programs that inhibit successful intervention. This model has proven very successful in Oregon and it holds much promise for our clientele with anti-social behaviors. Proposals are presently being built to apply for university research grants from the various levels of Government. Help from interested foundations will probably also be needed to bring this R & D project to fruition.

See link for an abstract of the program.2-fiche_resume_recherche_nexus_juillet2015-00000002_en