The Pam Dunn Memorial Fund

Our long-time Director, Mrs. Pam Dunn, died suddenly in June of 2008 at the end of our most successful major campaign to date. Pam was a tireless worker during the campaign, extolling the merits of our three campaign projects, but especially the farm project. Pam had been a long-time proponent of the talents of disabled people in farm-related work activities and of the benefits of animal therapy on the behaviour of these people. Unfortunately, she wasPam2.jpg unable to see the fruit of her labor. A working farm was purchased in the fall of 2008 near Granby, Quebec and a respite service and work opportunity programme opened in the late spring of 2010.

In order to implement her vision on the farm, the foundation has created the Pam Dunn Memorial Fund. This fund will be targeted for the purchase, upkeep and care of a range of animals, large and small, for the farm project.

To date, over $120,000 has been pledged to this fund from friends, family and associates. Donations continue to roll in on a regular basis. Some donations are multi-year pledges for which annual cheques are forthcoming. The Estate of Pam Dunn has been most generous with a grant of $50,000 and the Power Corporation has also been a most helpful donor.

Plans are presently being drawn up for an array of animals to live on the farm. A mature horse has already been donated by a colleague in the public system. She is presently being boarded in a nearby barn and corral.

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In 2016, so far, we have received a $10,000 donation from the Holt Foundation in Quebec City. 24 farm animals are presently being cared for on the site  plus a number of domestic animals, which gives plenty of opportunity for clients to relate to and interact with animals.