The Holt Foundation Continues to Support the Rougemont Farm Service

The Butters Foundation is proud to announce a recent grant of $10,000 from the Holt Foundation of Quebec City to support the animal therapy project at the respite farm on Rt. 112 just outside of Rougemont. This project was the product of strong support and intensive fundraising on the part of Mrs. Pam Dunn, an active Director & fund-raiser for the foundation for many years. The Holt Foundation, run by her children, wishes to continue the interests of their mother in this important project. Interaction between animals and disabled people has been documented as highly therapeutic, especially for disabled people with poor social skills. The farm has over 25 small animals with 2 highly spoiled horses to vie for the attention of workers who come to the farm for regular respite and stimulating farm-related activities. The Holt Foundation is a primary supporter of the project with annual visits from a member of the family to understand the challenges of the farm and its animal-related project. The Butters Foundation is extremely grateful for that support and for the implication of the Holt Foundation in this rather unique project in the Eastern Townships.