New Donations for the Farm Project

April 14, 2010– The R. Howard Webster Foundation of Montreal  recently sent its first of 3 annual donations of $20,000 toward the Farm Project, located in Rougemont, Quebec. We would like to thank Mr. Alex Paterson, Director, for his help in securing this timely donation. The R. Howard Webster Foundation has long been a loyal supporter of our cause.

March 20, 2010– The Foundation recently received a donation of $50,000 from the EJLB Foundation of Montreal targeted for the Farm Project located in Rougemont, near Granby. This was the second of 2 donations of $50,000 each. The Directors & Members of the Foundation wish to thank the Directors of the EJLB Foundation and its Executive Director, Mr. Robert Alain, for their continued support of the cause of autism. A special thanks to Laurence Pathy for his help in landing this important donation.